Roomii is an on-demand peer-to-peer premium furniture-sharing marketplace that evolves with you, streamlining furniture renting and selling, making it easier for all.

When you live in a city, you know how hard it is to find furniture that fits the way you live today. You move on average once every 1-2 years due to uncertainty about your current situation, such as your jobs, neighborhoods, and roommates. If you own furniture, you might find yourself going through the buying, selling, and storing of furniture, making moving a nightmare. So you end up resorting to cheaper alternatives that aren’t built for multiple moves, assembling, and disassembling. As a result, 12.2 million tons of furniture end up in landfills annually. We believe that the only way to end this cycle of waste is to create a new one.

That’s why Roomii, a platform that allows you to rent furniture from your neighbor was created. From preloved modern couches and tables to lamps and mirrors, we have everything you need for your home or office.

When you rent a piece of furniture from your neighbor, you’re not just getting an amazing product—you’re helping us make the world a better place. That’s because we donate one tree for every product you rent! And when you buy one of your neighbor’s furniture outright? We donate two trees! So it’s a win-win: not only do you get access to beautiful furniture that will last for years, but you’ll also be helping to preserve Earth’s most precious resource, trees!

Our Vision

Our vision at Roomii is to create a sustainable and accessible world where furniture can be shared and enjoyed by all. We believe that by providing a peer-to-peer furniture rental platform, we can empower individuals to make more environmentally conscious choices, reduce waste, and save money.

Our goal is to create a community where people can easily connect and share their furniture, without the need for expensive and wasteful purchases. By facilitating the sharing economy, we hope to promote a more responsible and mindful approach to consumption.

We envision a future where everyone has access to high-quality, stylish furniture without the financial burden of ownership. Our platform will enable people to furnish their homes, offices, and events with ease, while also contributing to a more sustainable planet.

Through our commitment to innovation, collaboration, and sustainability, we aspire to be the go-to destination for furniture rentals, revolutionizing the way people think about furniture and consumption.

Our Mission

At Roomii, our mission is to provide a reliable, user-friendly platform for peer-to-peer furniture rentals, empowering individuals to create comfortable and stylish living spaces without breaking the bank.

We believe that furniture should be accessible to everyone, regardless of income or living situation. By enabling people to rent and share furniture, we hope to foster a community built on the principles of sustainability, affordability, and convenience.

Our platform is designed to be a safe and trustworthy space where people can connect with others who share their values and goals. We are committed to providing a seamless rental experience, from browsing and renting to pickup and delivery.

At the heart of our mission is a deep commitment to sustainability. By promoting reuse and sharing, we hope to reduce waste and encourage more mindful consumption patterns. We also strive to foster a sense of community and connection among our users, helping to build a more equitable and sustainable world.

Through our dedication to innovation, quality, and service, we aim to become the leading destination for peer-to-peer furniture rentals, transforming the way people furnish their homes and live their lives.

The Shift Away from 'Fast Furniture'

By using roomii, you move away from cheap, fashionable, and easy-to-breakdown furniture that can’t handle our multiple moves and ends up in the landfill.

Made to last furniture brands

We accept high-quality, made-to-last furniture from these brands.