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Chicago startup Roomii wants to make it easier for renters to move.

Chicago startup Roomii is trying to make moving easier for renters.

The online marketplace, calling itself the Airbnb of furniture, gives its users the option to either rent, sell or buyer furniture for one month up to a year, allowing them to move freely without a sofa tethering them to a single location.

Available in Chicago only, founder and CEO Dapo Kolawole hopes to expand first regionally and then nationally.

“We figured out there’s no better place to try to figure this out than a city that has four seasons. If you can figure out in Chicago, we could figure it out in L.A.,” he said.

Over the next six months, he’s looking to expand beyond Roomii’s limited zip code to more neighborhoods across the city while also ensuring that the company does not overextend itself.

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