Cleaning and disinfection policy for lessees

Lessee rights

You have the right to a smoke-free furniture.Lessors are required to provide you with a clean and disinfected furniture. The cleaning and disinfecting is handled by Roomii on behalf of the lessor. You have the right to refuse a furniture and cancel a lease if, upon inspection at delivery, you’re concerned that it hasn’t been cleaned and disinfected. 

Lessee responsibilities 

Part of what you pay for is to have the furniture cleaned and disinfected the furniture upon return; however, if you return a furniture unreasonably dirty, you may be subject to fees. “Unreasonably dirty” means that it requires a great deal more of Roomii’s time and effort than a quick deep cleaning.

Smoking Policy

Smoking is not allowed around the furniture. Lessors, lessees, and their guests are forbidden from smoking in any furnitures on Roomii. If there is clear evidence that you or your guest smoked around a furniture piece, we’ll remove you from the platform. We’ll close your account, and you’ll be unable to appeal this action.

All furniture listed on Roomii come from non-smoking homes. Roomii prohibits lessees, their guests, and furniture lessors from listing furniture from a smoking environment in the Roomii marketplace. This No smoking policy covers the use of, but is not limited to, any tobacco or tobacco-related products, marijuana or marijuana substitutes, e-cigarettes, or personal vaporizers. 

You may not around any leased furniture. If you return a furniture piece  with a smoking odor or other evidence of smoking, Roomii can send you a smoking fee reimbursement invoice for up to $250* to cover the cost of removing the odor and cleaning the furniture. See the list of smoking fees below:

  • Smoking – Odor only: $50*
    A smoking “odor only” fee can be charged for lingering smoke scent that requires removal.
  • Smoking – Odor with evidence: $150*
    A smoking “odor with evidence” fee can be charged for smoke scent removal and cleaning of physical remnants of smoking (eg. ash, cigarette butts, etc.)
  • Multiple cleaning issues: $250*
    A “multiple” cleaning fee can be charged for any combination of cleaning, smoking, and/or pet hair issues.

Pet Policy

  • Guest Rights
    • Roomii permits your service animals to co-exist with any furniture on the platform. Animals whose sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support don’t qualify as service or assistance animals.