Lessor Fees

If you disregard Roomii policies, we’ll charge you a violation fee. If you cancel a lease or fail to be home for us to pick up your furniture, Roomii will charge you a cancellation fee. 

  • Frivolous (non-covered) damage claims: (US and Canada) If you file a claim that’s invalid or illegitimate, we’ll charge you a $25* fee. 
  • Gray market policy violation: If you accept payment outside of Roomii for charges meant to be handled via the platform, we will charge you a $150 processing fee plus liquidated damages of $5,500* as per our Terms of service. 
  • Lessor no-show: If you fail to be available at the time you scheduled for us to pickup your furniture, Roomii will charge you a $150* fee. 
  • Material misrepresentation: If you submit false or misleading information for a claim or reimbursement, Roomii will charge you a minimum of $200* up to a maximum of $2,000*.
  • Furniture misrepresentation – If you fail to disclose furniture issues or damage, improperly describe or display your furniture, or commit other acts of misrepresentation, we’ll charge you a $100* per violation.