Pottery Barn Dream Square Sofa

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Pottery Barn Dream Square Sofa



Out of stock

Out of Stock

July 7, 2023 Pottery Barn 0 Years Old Andersonville , Chicago Beige Other New ,


New Pottery Barn Dream Square Sofa 102.5” multi cushion, wide arm, and upholstered. It’s also slipcover so it’s easy to wash! Warm white denim material. The deep seats make it so comfy.

This couch is incredibly comfortable, the only reason I’m selling it is because it didn’t fit in my apartment elevator…got it from the PB outlet, originally retails for $3.5k+ this is a steal!

*actual couch pictures in the 1st photo and last 3, please note in the last 3 the slip-over is not on the base.


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